Project co-funded by the European RegionalDevelopment Fund (ERDF)

Upgrading of OPAQUE PET  into innovative materials

Our ambition towards opaque PET 

New plastic bottles in opaque PET (polyethylene terephtalate) appeared recently on the market. When their waste is mixed to those of transparent-PET-based, the obtained material cannot be recycled anymore because of a loss of properties.

The occurrence of these new packagings creates a threat for the recycling industry, very present in the POCTEFA area. In order to maintain and strengthen this sector, new outputs for the recycling of opaque PET bottles are required. This is the challenge that RevalPET proposes to take up.

A collaboration between scientists and industrialists.

A network of research and industrial experts join their competences on advanced materials to develop innovative materials based on opaque PET. Beyond mechanical properties, the industrial processabiliy of the new materials will be assessed during the project.

RevalPET aims at providing a marketable material with high mechanical properties, which represents a great innovation for the recycling sector. While upgrading a waste into an innovative raw material, RevalPET contributes to the “zero waste” ambition of the POCTEFA regions for the next decades.

A transborder project between France and Spain

co-funded by the POCTEFA program to promote Research and Innovation cooperation on wastes reduction issues

A project lead by UPPA - IPREM

Institut des sciences analytiques et de physico-chimie pour l’environnement et les matériaux de l’Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour.